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  • Dipti

    July 15, 2021 at 10:10 PM

    It’s a hot burning topic of today’s world where we’ve numerous of gadgets & technologies emerging in the market that’s going to help the people to socialize easily with friends, colleagues & relatives.

    I agree to this notion up to certain extent that social media platforms are playing crucial role in creation of social groups over the virtual environment but there’s always another side of a coin where the people who are older & not techno savvy, those are filtered out from the world of advancement of technologies.

    I’d like to put light on the both aspects where new generation are crazy in adapting the addictive sophisticated modern technologies as those are turning out to be the advantageous options for the people living far from their places & on the contrary old generations are struggling to match the pace by trying hard to learn those subtle technologies.

    Obviously, the students & professionals who have been living abroad away from their families could connect freely & easily with their families with no geographical barriers that’s generates the feeling of proximity & closeness in them which prevent to feel out of the loop & definitely boost the confidence in them. This is the vital reason why popularity of the social media sites will continue to flourish day by day.On the contrary, Youth of our country has been so busy now a days that they’re hardly finding time for their own families therefore taking out time to meet personally with anyone would become overburden in that case these technologies are like a blessing in disguise.

    Subsequently, Old generation has a rational issue in adaption of new technologies therefore they are feeling like a quaint or left over in the society. Although, they have a will to admit it but the learning process is hindrance to them. This scenario doesn’t applicable for all old people, as most of their children are working or studying abroad therefore, if they wouldn’t have acquired the new competencies then it would be difficult for them to chat or connect with them therefore, they’ve learnt to use the social media quickly.

    Of course, I advocate the fact that the transformation of the world would only be possible once every generation of our society start accepting inevitable technologies which makes the life easy & comfortable in a long run.

    With the increasing publicity of social sites, it has been noticed that the behavior of the humans has been changing drastically as they are likely to live in a shell,less likely to enjoy with their families & utmost started felling irritated on tiny things,where no one could ever sense the intrinsic condition of their inner self. They want to be happy in their virtual environment & start taking their real relationships into granted.

    There are the platforms where you can make virtual friends around the world to whom you are not familiar with. People start considering them their real buddies but that’s not the case. They are being paid for their jobs & don’t have any emotions or sympathy for your friendships. Eventually, People get trapped into these scam & devastated themselves. Moreover, these situations can lead to mental illness where people couldn’t able to accept the reality of the scam & last you in depressing.Instead of finding friends around the world over the sites, we should rely our family & friends & open our heart to them,they would definitely understand & support you if you would be in trouble emotionally.

    Importantly, from the above facts it has been explicitly noticed that it’s overwhelming to have advancement in technologies to facilitates our lives by breaking several barriers in terms of virtual meetings, discussions, educations, ideas & many other useful resources with a single click whereas we have to be extra conscious while using it,as it would have adverse effect in your life if you had mishandled it.

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