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  • Dipti

    July 15, 2021 at 11:49 PM

    Advertisement has always been a exhilarating phase of marketing which promotes the people to procure goods & services if required or not but also keep the customers updated with the new products rambling in the market. Both the aspects are hugely escalated by the boom of the Advertising by the different means in the market therefore I agree to the both scenarios.

    Earlier, there were the times when we had to rely on the conventional advertising options like Newspaper & TV commercials for making us aware about the new products, goods & services that were frequently emerging & making a gripping in the market. But now there are several other contemporary options of advertising like Email Marketing, WhatsUp marketing, Social Media Marketing etc which are more effective ways in spreading the new product news like a burning fire for boosting the purchase & increasing the sales as compared to previous years.

    Today, in this competitive world, technologies are updating every seconds apparently things are changing & improving accordingly which would make the lives of the insatiable people easier & comfortable.

    Subsequently, the recent mode of advertising has been an eye-catcher & repleted for the people who gets lure by the manner of presentations & information about the products driven by latest technologies therefore they make up their mind to purchase even if that’s not necessary. This is the adverse effect of the modern advertising therefore we should take a decision meticulously while going out for shopping otherwise you would end up by spending huge amount of money on the less important things.

    Although, the era of advertising would excel more in coming years with advancement of skills & technologies as marketing strategies are evolving day by day which lead to fetch more money in flow in the market by increasing sales but one should be extra cautious while picking anything to procure without getting perplexed.

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