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  • Renuka

    July 15, 2021 at 11:53 PM

    In todays modern era women has proved there capability in each area and field. Women are the best leaders and excellent in management I agree women are god gifted for raising children and making them good person but I am totally disagree that they have to less focus on career.

    Raising children is responsibility of both the parents. In old days women use to look after kids and home and men used too work and earn money for home. Now a days situation in society has changed and men and women both are working so, its equal responsibility of parents to raise their kids. Even though women are reaching new heights in each and every field they have to suffer more with house responsibilities .

    I could say we have to raise boy child in a way that they could understand there is no specific work for them and have to contribute in each thing in the house. In these way we can change society perception about type of work men and women has to perform. Now a days society expects women to work and take responsibility of house too and they have to balance of work and family and at the same time men has to just focus on work. I am disagree with these thoughts .

    In my opinion both and women help each other in there career and raising children. It will be good if men will encourage more to women to focus on work and contribute for kids responsibility. women has to get equal chance in there career too as women has taken same efforts to men for education and getting job and its possible with the help of family members. Our laws supports women for right to work and allow required leaves to women when child needs more for mother after the child birth so they can avoid break in career . Same way men has to support women by taking care of kids when required.

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