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  • Nilesh

    July 16, 2021 at 12:01 AM

    Women are definitely far better at childcare compare with the men however in my opinion other than taking care of children, women can handle any responsibilities equally or sometimes far better than the men in professional life as well.

    In our male dominating society specifically in India, earning money or any sort of outdoor activities belongs to male member of the family whereas all indoor responsibilities such as all house hold works including cooking, cleaning, child care, raising of children etc shall be taken care by female member. Over the period of time, along with these chores women has proved themselves that there is no single thing in the world is difficult for them though female society has paid several years to prove their existence, their talent, caliber to male society.

    Nowadays, there is no single job where women presence is not there. The literacy rate of female population is much higher than the male population. Some industries such IT firm, EPC where women candidates are preferred over male candidates due the women possesses inherent characteristics such as patience, dedication & responsible nature towards work.

    In summary, Women are much superior than the men in all aspects either its Indoor or outdoor activities. Hence limiting women strength for raising children is not justifiable. Its equal responsibility of both individuals.

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