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  • Robin

    July 16, 2021 at 12:03 AM

    There are certain natural qualities that make women better at childcare than men, but in the modern society where most of the women are educated and are working partners, it becomes a topic of hot debate whether the stereotype of women concentrating more on raising children and men earning for the family should be done away with. I have an opinion that women should take the primary child raising role because of their innate abilities, however the roles could be switched too, based on the situation.

    An innate quality that make women better at raising children is their emotional connect with the children and their ability to show love, compassion, empathy and patience. The hormonal characteristics of women make them good at this, while the men show such virtues in lesser scale, they are often hard mannered and doesn’t show much empathy and have much patience. Children in their adolescent years needs to be raised with these virtues, otherwise their character formation may be affected, hence it is evident that many motherless single parent children often grow up to become rude or can have some behavioral issues. Though some men can have this virtues too, or can learn this, but by nature they doesn’t match women on this.

    The modern society of today where women are equally empowered as men, or are catching up swiftly, the jobs and sectors which were previously men only are being handled by women successfully, this calls for a paradigm shift in the erstwhile women only sector too, ie. child raising. Men should share more responsibilities in this area, men can help out the in things like playing, giving food, studies, rhymes, storytelling lullabies etc. It is for the family to decide what is better for them considering the job nature and availability of the partners among others.

    Overall, it can concluded that even though women are better at raising children when compared to men owing to their natural abilities, the men should show more participation in this considering the job nature and other family situation.

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