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  • Vamsi Krishna

    July 16, 2021 at 12:20 AM

    Women aren’t only excellent at caring for children, and also they’re good at work. Yes, they know how to handle infants, for example, baby bathing is not an easy task that could easily be done by women, because of that we can’t derive women should focus more on raising children and less on their working life. In my opinion, Childcare should be taken by both mother and father.

    Firstly, I want to talk about working parents, in this scenario women are doing a great job, they are balancing both office work and housework. Men should support women by helping in chores so that they can take care of children because women are experts at childcare. Understanding children at age below 2 or 3 is very difficult, mother would understand what they say, it is hard to understand by fathers. If it is a weekend parent can share their timing with kids.

    Secondly, women aren’t going to work spend a lot of time with children, the attachment between mother and baby is huge in this scenario. Mostly, women will be tried at end of the day, so that men should take the charge of caring in the evenings for some time meanwhile she will get some leisure time. But we can’t force them to do only childcare, encourage her to do work if she is really interested.

    To conclude, don’t fix it a particular gender, children should need both motherhood and fatherhood. Form born children to 5 year age group mostly are under motherhood after they moved to fatherhood. It is important for fathers to teach their ward how to face the world.

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