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  • Vignesh

    July 16, 2021 at 9:36 AM

    The world we live in today is driven by technology. Traditional methods of work, travel and education are either replaced or further enhanced with the help of technology. As a result of which, children nowadays are exposed to computers at a very early age. Though to survive in this competitive world children need to be ahead of their peers by learning new technology and enhancing their skills, the drawbacks of early exposure to computers like vision problems, obesity also needs to be considered. This essay will discuss both the positive and negative impacts of the same and provide a logical closure.

    The main advantage of exposure to computers is that children get accustomed to technology early age and their learning curve will be better. There is no occupation at present that doesn’t require the aid of computers and will also be the same in the future. Further, at present, the job market requires more professionals in the software field rather than in the traditional mechanical or electrical departments and it is expected to grow furthermore with the advent of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. For instance, most of the Engineering undergraduates in India get placed in a software firm irrespective of which major they studied. Thus, gaining computer knowledge at an early age not only aides them in getting a better job but also places them ahead in the competition.

    Although knowledge of computers (help) helps children in making their future better, how they get exposed to it needs to be examined. Mostly, it is because of parental and societal pressure. They want their children to master the arts of coding at the age of 5 or 6 and showcase them as a prodigy like Bill Gates or Elon Musk. Thus, unknowingly they are destroying the child’s creativity and forbid (forbidding) them from enjoying their childhood. Without knowing the interest of the kid they are successful in making a human-machine rather than a scholar. Other than this children who play long hours of video games are experiencing vision problems, obesity, and diabetes at an early age.

    To summarize, gaining knowledge of computers is acceptable however it should not be impressed on children against their interest. Parents should always keep track of their usage because if health is lost everything is lost. So, weighing both the advantages and disadvantages it can be better said that children should interact more with the physical world rather than with technology.

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