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  • Dipti

    July 16, 2021 at 9:40 AM

    Early age exposure of computers to kids are significantly beneficial as it’s being used in every sector in the world so it has been advantageous for them to start gripping the concept since the beginning therefore that would be easily conquered for later stages of life.

    Although there are ample of advantages of acquiring the knowledge of computers at early stage in the life but it too has plenty of disadvantages of the same scenario.

    I must admit that the scope of the technologies has been sprawling their wings in all sectors of the universe therefore this is the necessity of the time to come out from the confinements & refrain adopting conventional methods & start acquiring new skills. Taking this into considerations schools & institutions started prepping their children since the initial phase of their life for stepping-in in the new world of advanced technologies which would help them in grasping the knowledge of computers at early stage & get ready for the future. Unilaterally, the same approach has been imposed worldwide to make computer education imperative because at this age children are more volatile & creative to learn new things emerging around them & it’s opportune for them therefore advantages of acquiring computer knowledge is undeniable.

    On the contrary, there have been lot of cases witnessed where spending long hours in front of the screen are adversely affecting the mental & physical health of the children. They’re more prone & exhilarated towards the learning of new things that they don’t notice the negative impact on the same. Eye-sight weakness & migraine are the common diseases which we’d be encountering now a days. Parents should be vigilant & meticulously keeping a tab on the kids by restricting their time for using computers.

    Apparently, Technologies has always been important for the growth of the any generation therefore extensive learning of new skill at early stage of life for children would be effortless & smoother but it becomes subtle when availability of too much of anything is increased.

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