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  • Chippy Susan

    July 16, 2021 at 9:45 AM
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    Children nowadays are born with gadgets in their hands. There have always been arguments against the advent of technological gadgets, especially converse to kids playing with computers. As a coin has 2 sides, we need to see into the advantages and disadvantages of children using computers from an early age.<div>

    Exposure to computers during childhood contributes to the coding and software skills of the children making them ready and updated to the high-demand industry of IT. In addition, it also helps in the learning phase through video lectures which can immerse clear insights of facts around them. For instance, a child who studied the process of rain with the aid of graphical representation will have a better understanding than the one who merely read the concept from a textbook.

    Even though kids benefit from the use of laptops, their adverse effects have the potential to lead them into a leap of destruction. Firstly, these systems are the first playground of them which opens the wonderland of video games and cartoons. Children get detached from the social and real-world by sucking up themselves into the virtual world thereby reducing their communication as well as self-sustenance abilities. Indeed, this affects the mental, emotional, physical, and psychological balance of one’s life; for example, we see a number of children even at the age of 5-6 with glasses. However, these effects can be efficiently been addressed by the timely advocation of parents, and schools through time management programs, social interaction playgrounds, and real-world explorations.

    To summarise, it must be taken utmost care in the use of computers when it comes to children so that it must aid in their development as a human in every aspect rather than becoming a machine.


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