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  • Sakshi

    July 16, 2021 at 9:47 AM

    Computer is one of the largest inventions of mankind and its heavily used in almost all the fields like industries, education, medicines. Use of computers has a positive impact on children. Learning from an early age is an initiative step to use computers but, like any other technology, computers have their own demerits if overused or negatively used. Its time should not proceed so longer. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using computers and provide logical conclusion.

    To begin with, Technology is a basic necessity in fast paced life and it is far better to train children from an early age of handling it, familiar with all terms and operating it. The main advantage of using it is that it enhanced the logical skills of a child, through internet they will be able to get access to unlimited information. A According to a research , children who uses(use) computers gain more learning as compared to children who don’t. Secondly, a child can get acquaintance about the advance technology and innovations in every field of life. Moreover, children can also buy books from online sites.

    Despite of having a countless of positive points, there are some disadvantages which can be controlled by the parents. Like excess using computers for long hours is not good for a child as it effects vision and posture. And also children gets (get) addicted of playing games on laptops ,gadgets rather than outdoor physical activity which makes them socially inactive. So, in spite of sedentary lifestyle, parents should encourage children to have some outdoor exercise in free time and time of using a computer should be fixed so that a child can manage to get information in the free time.

    To conclude, computers are used in schools and homes has become mandatory in order to get success. As assignments and presentations can be done only in computers. Therefore, the long hours can be reduced to limited time.

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