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  • Suraj

    July 16, 2021 at 9:52 AM

    Nowadays, children actively use a computer for as long as their guardians allow them to. Whether this early exposure to long hours of modern technology is beneficial or not up for debate. This essay will discuss both advantages and disadvantages to arrive at a logical conclusion.

    One of the main advantages of children using a computer is the help it provides in their education. Parents are not all knowing and many a times not able to answer the curios queries of their kid. A modern day child, regardless of the parents’ knowledge is exposed to a lot of information through computers which increases his/her curiosity, knowledge, research skill and interest in education. For instance, a bank employee cannot answer his child’s question of why a whistle produces sound when blown or what the principle behind a toy car’s functioning is.
    Other advantages include setting up an early foundation to the use of tools which the entire world runs on and improved communication skills.

    On the other hand, using modern technology is addictive, especially when exposed to it early which brings in many disadvantages. Firstly, it stops a child from going out to play and keeps the child away any form of physical activity which might lead to serious health consequences. Secondly, it decreases real life interaction with people and therefore impairs social life. Research shows that technology addicts might be tech savvy but have more health problems ranging from mental to physical compared to other people.
    So, disadvantages trump advantages.

    To conclude, while early exposure to computers might have its advantages, there are more disadvantages to it and therefore should be kept to a minimum.

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