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  • Eman

    July 16, 2021 at 11:14 AM

    Nowadays, some people think that teenagers’ life is more frustrating compared to old days. In my opinion, I totally agree with them for several reasons which will be explained in the following paragraphs.

    To begin with, family support is not as copious as it used to be in previous generations. For example, working parents don’t have the time to spend with their kids to give advice or direct them during their ephemeral phase of life. Another point, youngsters are exposed to various types of technologies and social media platforms that made their journey exacting. To expatiate, lack of guidance while using applications like twitter and snapchat can easily lead them to make imprudence. Thus, they feel that they are gauche and insecure. In addition, there are less activities that are supported by the governments designed for teenagers. To elaborate, many recreational centers are built for either adults or children that are don’t interest the youths.

    On the other hand, in former generations, family members were closer to each other and supported their members effectively. For instance, mothers used to stay with their children all the time to placate them when they have doubts. Moreover, juniors in the old days were less intrepid and thus, were more manageable by their parents and society. To elaborate, juveniles used to stay with their parents during their nascent and listen to their advice.

    In conclusion, teenagers these days face tremendous number of challenges that make their lives ambiguous and misleading. Therefore, it is the responsibility of their families and society to provide guidance that protects them from do any inimical acts.

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