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  • shakshi

    July 16, 2021 at 6:45 PM

    In recent years, adolescents are exposed to computer especially at an early age. Further, child researchers claim it is good for their mental development but subsequently decreases their social and physical development. This essay will examined the advantages and disadvantages in three parameters of children psychology- cognitive, social, and behavioural.

    To begin with, According to Oxford University professor, playing computer games will show a direct link between children’s behaviour and cognitive development. Playing Games will accelerate children’s ability to visualise images in three-dimentional space, this will not only developed their thought process but helps them to understand the future growth path.

    On other hand, modern use of computers shows a detrimental effect on children’s social development. For instance, a recent study shows excessive use of internet decrease children friendships and family relationship and as a consequence, it has lead them into depression, loneliness, obesity, and anxiety.

    In conclusion, a systemic research needs to be executed to help or aware parents and policy makers to minimize negative impact and maximised positive impact of computer in children’s life.

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