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  • shubham

    July 16, 2021 at 9:03 PM

    In this modern era, due to advancements in technology and the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, digitalization has become a norm in each and every field. It is believed by many people that Ebooks and modern technology will totally replace traditional newspapers and magazines. I completely agree with this notion.

    To begin with, the internet has become a big part of peoples day to day activities. Nowadays, when the world is moving at a rapid pace, each and every minute of people is crucial. The Internet provides the solution to most of the problems in a quick span of time. For example, according to the survey conducted by “The New York Times” around 60% of the people prefer to read Ebooks as compared to newspapers. Moreover,in every corporate sector most of the magazines are published online only as it covers a maximum proportion of the audience.

    Another point to consider is that, in most parts of the world, governments are trying their best to minimize the use of paper as its manufacturing involves cutting of trees.For instance,the top firms in corporate sector like Apple,Microsoft,Google has urged their employees to carry out the documentation work online only.

    Furthermore, E-books are easy to use and provide lots of flexibility. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has said that “The day is not far away when the internet will become the necessity of life, like food and water”.I personally believe that to reduce manual work and to minimize the dependency on certain people digitalization can play a vital role.

    In conclusion, I believe that digital technological advancements are going to play a major role in any countries overall growth and development. More and people in the future are going to utilize digitalization and it will soon become a compulsion in each and every stream.

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