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  • Rashmi

    July 16, 2021 at 9:10 PM

    In modern context, E-book is quite popular phenomena which we can understand from its usability in urban population. If we need to understand the reasons about being in trend

    Firstly, easy accessibility, now a day’s lot of search engines are available in the market, you only require electronic device and internet, which is more than enough.

    Secondly you need not to visit physically in library or bookshop for your desired book, sometimes if it is urgently required for your presentation or exam. E-book is quite time saver in that context. Moreover, searching book is also one tedious task, which is quite easy using digital media.

    If we talk in terms of environmental context, Traditional book system uses a lot of paper, which produced by trees. E-book is here very effective factor, or you can say environment saver.

    However traditional books or newspapers have their own charm, which we can not ignore but we can understand by analyzing human behavior. In one research it is found out that who uses e- media very frequently they are basically more impulsive, suffering from lack of concentration and easily get bore. However, if we talk about traditional book reader, usually observed have more patience and quite calm by nature.

    It is true, E-media is quite handy and easy to use but somewhere impacting human psychology and health.

    Another thing digital media will acquire our libraries and traditional book culture. Over the time our libraries will disappear. Ideally, we need to save them.

    So we can say, both side of coins are important. We deserve to have choices, instead of being monotonous. It is all about to manage harmony between traditional and modern system.

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