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  • Renuka

    July 16, 2021 at 11:42 PM

    Many researchers do not recommend to use laptop , mobile or tab for kids at early age. Computers do not simply match their learning styles. Kids at early age learn more through their hands, foots,mouth and legs. computers are not good choice for developmental skills. In addition study shows computer screen emits rays which are not good for eyes so watching computer for long hours can impact eyes too especially for kids at early age. On the other hand limited use of computer for kids learning found useful in kids recognizing power and learning things in new way and with limited use one can avoid its bad effects.

    Kids are more fond of exploring things so, there are chances that they can get wrong content and they may addicted to social networking site. They may get cheated by someone and get trapped into wrong habits.

    In conclusion, kids can use computers under parent observation with limited time.

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