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  • Vaibhav

    July 16, 2021 at 11:55 PM

    Although some people recommend keeping children devoid of electronic devices including computers upto a certain age, I totally believe this idea is conventional, flawed and impractical too.

    While computers are engrossed in every aspect of today’s life, children are bound to get fascinated by it, we should get children aware and accustomed to computers rather than depriving them of their curiosities. In recent pandemic times, when children all of a sudden had no choice left out other than to attend educational classes on computers, kids who had a pre comfort working with computers, undoubtedly performed much better. Imagine the day when kids would be able to showcase their wildest of creative imaginations through computer aided graphics!

    Having said above, computers could also turn into a curse instead of an avatar for young kids in no time, provided that its usage is not throttled by guardians. Society should be cautious as well as informed while providing computer time to children, proportionate allocation and timely monitoring can help avoid any sort of uninvited risk.

    To conclude, I would like to ask, can we imagine our children’s future without computer education today? Certainly not. Indeed, it will make more sense if we make them adept with computers and associated skills ahead of time, not to mention under ample supervision.

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