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  • Nilesh

    July 17, 2021 at 12:00 AM

    Nowadays, computers are the essential part of the life. You can not imagine your existence without computers. Not only for adults but undoubtedly this is applicable for kids as well.

    Indeed, children should start using computers at early age because it is the todays necessity. In fact, “Learning Computers” is the dedicated subject of the school curriculum for grade-1 students. This is definitely beneficial for young generation to have acquaintance of computers on which entire world is relied on. By use of computers kids can learn use of microsoft office, they can make power point presentations for their projects, painting, can play chess with computers and lot of things which can beneficial for their future. Use of computers has been proven during current pandemic situation where kids has easily accepted so called “Online School” without any fear in their mind because they are well familiar with this buddy & they have performed well during this period.

    On other hand, sometimes I feel that, excessive use of computers is ruin their childhood. Based on my personal experience, my elder son has suffered though the number of health issues due to excessive use of computer during this pandemic. The health issues such as strain on eyes due to flickering of computer screen, back pain due to long sitting hours, lack of concentration, loosing interest in outdoor games etc. Kids might be misused or misdirected to illegal sites of internets if parents havent paid attention on them.

    To summarise this discussion, It is always good to start using computers at the early age so that kids will be very well prepared for their future but again kids has to be monitored, guided properly by their parent to avoid excessive and misuse of computers.

    Our education system has introduced this subject to our kids by thinking some advantages such as early introduction of technology of to kids at the early age only. of are the part of educational system. Without basic knowledge of the computer

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