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  • Robin

    July 17, 2021 at 12:04 AM

    The exposure of children at an early age is a matter to be contemplated upon, although it is quite impossible to keep little kids away from computer usage in this IT era, the usage time can be shortened to the minimal optimum. I opine that this is crucial because long hours of computer and other gadget usage at an early age will have an negative impact on them. Let us discuss both the positive and negative impacts.

    The excessive computer usage in the early childhood corroborates the inactive and immature social life and activities of some children in their later years. In particular, the early childhood is especially important in character formation of the children, spending too much time around gadgets deprive them of the opportunities to interact with the family, friends and nature. Children grow less concerned about the world around them, they rather languish in the virtual reality provided by the computer and gadgets, even though they become adept at the technological sphere, they lose out on the much important learning to be gained from interactions with people, their own experiences and interactions with nature.

    The advent of digital age underscores the fact that being adept in computers and related technologies is obviously a necessity to excel in career, as a consequence of which learning to use computers and gadgets at a young age is undoubtedly important. The knowledge in computers opens a vast array of opportunities to learn and also to earn from it, due to which gaining it in early age is advantageous.

    To summarize, getting children educated in computers definitely has its own perks, on the other hand excessive exposure of children at an early age to computers is brings more harm than good, thus the computer usage of children at an early age should be restricted to the optimal minimum required for them.

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