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  • Aishwarya

    July 17, 2021 at 2:22 AM

    It is common belief that women are good at raising children as compared to men ,hence they should give less attention to working. I completely disagree with this statement because it is a preconceived assumption that women should stay at home whereas men should provide food.

    Not only have women achieve success in every field but also have proven their excellent calibre in accomplishment of task assinged to them.Furthermore,women are in general more sincere for duty allotted to them ,therefore they tend to be more hard-working compared to their male counterparts. For example I have seen task forces with women as heads are more likely to succeed .

    secondly in developing and underdeveloped countries not only women are given less opportunities but also they are paid less for the same amount of time and work they put in . Moreover, women are expected to work as well as take care of the household chores from catering to the needs of their growing children to cooking all three meals for the day.For example ,a recent study of health welfare Society of India found that 68% of women in India did not get enough sleep because they were overburdened.

    In conclusion women have always shown their utmost sincerity to accomplish the task given to them even when they have to work hard with less sleep .

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