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  • Eman

    July 17, 2021 at 11:08 AM

    Some people argue that tourism has a negative effect on the environment while others believe that it is beneficial for the economy. In my opinion, I think that exploration is essential for the financial system for several reasons that will be explained in the following paragraphs.

    To begin with, travelers from across the world spend their money in the hosting country, thus the income increase significantly. For example, the visitors expend lots of their cash on different tourist attractions such as hotels amusement parks and transportation. This results in aggrandizing the annual profit of that state. Furthermore, to accommodate for the high rate of exploration, the governments improve their infrastructure which not only attracts more people but also investing companies worldwide. To illustrate, more investors with well-known brands are captivated by the ease and stability of the province which rise the number of visitors dramatically.

    On the other hand, tourism can have a negative influence on the local habitat of the nations. One clear example is cutting the trees to build new shopping malls and facilities to take in more travelers and stakeholders. Moreover, the massive increase in the number of people increases the level of waste produced dramatically and leads to environmental pollution. In other words, using more vehicles during transportation surged the rate of air pollution which affects the local plants and animals including birds in a hideous way.

    In conclusion, tourism is essential for all countries especially for their providence, however, without being cautious, it can cause grave problems on the enduring.

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