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  • sonam

    July 18, 2021 at 11:43 PM

    It is often seen that offenders tend to get involved in more crimes after they serve their first punishment. This can be attributed to either merciful treatment or excessively harsh treatment in the prison. This essay will discuss various reasons along with certain changes which can be helpful to solve this problem.

    The majority of the people get indulged in criminal activities due to their life situations. Some feel they were treated unfairly or others are compelled by the financial situations. When asked, these people are found to reply with the most desperate needs to commit the crime. Also, it seems our judiciary system does not punish them as required. The punishments are either too lenient that it does not cast any effect on the people or they are too harsh which makes them numb and ignorant towards the system.

    The reason for making criminal laws is to instil fear in the mind of the people and thereby, prevent them from committing any dangerous or unethical activity. For example, the death penalty for rape will definitely induce a deep threat in the minds of individuals. Further to this, it is suggested that the norms should also acknowledge criminal psychology. A sound understanding of the same can help to decide the quantum of punishment required for a particular case. If the accused has some inevitable reason, counselling along with material help can be provided which might give him/her a reason to believe in higher good and own betterment.

    In conclusion, the psyche behind the evil act needs to be understood and facilitated to provide a new perspective about life and which would eventually make the world a better and safer place to live.

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