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  • shakshi

    July 19, 2021 at 11:39 AM

    Nowadays, Criminal offence is a major issue across the globe. Although, people believe punishing criminals for a long duration will decrease the offence. However, others believe skill training and earning will enhance their efficiency and responsibility for the family, also (will) improve their social image. This essay will explain both aspects in detail with an enclosed conclusion.

    To begin with, researchers have found most of the prisoners are recaptured because of regular crime, due to which they stay long in prisons. In some countries, long term imprisonment punishment, frightened (Frighten) the criminal because of strict rules and regulations. For example, UAE, a famous country for managing the crime ratio believe in clear justice. As a result, a person has committed (commits) a crime, he/she should be in prison for lifetime or killed by the police officers depending upon the crime.

    On the other hand, European countries where criminal rules are imposed differently. For example, installing an ankle monitoring system for prisoners. This will allow (allows) them to work freely and the wrong movement subsequently, sends a radio frequency signal to police for further action. This feature has declined the crime rate because criminals are imposed to work hard and learn new skills. Countries like India, China, and Africa where crime ratio is higher, hence government (is) are training prisoners in (to) developing (develop) skill and earn livelihood for families. Work like cleaning, computer knowledge, electrician, plumbing, cooking food, cutting wood, and handmade utensils manufacturing are done in jail to earn a basic income.

    In conclusion, the government should implement strict policy along with a work plan to reduce crime all over the world.

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