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  • Amit

    July 19, 2021 at 11:00 PM

    Now, It has been trending discussion that few people believe that they are being more social with use of technologies than they were before. Indeed, the technology has made his footprint to human’s social aspect too and in its fascinating way. Moreover, it has ensuring the advancement of people’s social life not just left behind with development of industries, education, and healthcare system Etc.

    Technology has changed the perception of social engagement through the social networking sites, video conferencing platform or other messenger applications and therefore, there are lots of sites and applications are being floated around us which are a just one click away and you can reach out to thousands of people. The prime motive of these technologies is to make us socially connected, share our achievements, our feelings, memories with society, friends and colleagues. However, it seems that people have not been using the purpose for which it has been setup and losing their precious time on just roaming over the different platforms, following and chatting with aimless groups.

    Although, we have experienced a lots example of humanity which just came across through help of these social networking sites for instance, A family based out in Gujarat was able to raise a whopping amount of 100 Million public fund for his son’s medical treatment and which was arranged in just unbelievable one month time which couldn’t funded via other sources.

    Another example of prudently used of these online platform by public is that during the 2<sup>nd</sup> wave of COVID in India, youngster had created many voluntaries groups on social media platform to facilitate common public by sharing the availability details of bed, Medicine, oxygen concentrator ]availability

    To summing up, I am completely agreed that people are being more engaged socially with the help of technologies.

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