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  • Vignesh

    July 20, 2021 at 9:32 AM

    Tourism is one of the important contributors to GDP in many developing countries and since most of the travellers are from developed English speaking nations, the local community is bound to learn the language to boost their business. Some people believe that it will lead to English becoming the only language to be spoken. In this essay, we shall discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of having only one language across the globe.

    Having one language as a means of communication brings the world closer and enables us to understand each other better. Tourists can now travel without the fear of travelling into unknown territory as language binds them with the locals. For Instance, many travellers have complained that they have been looted in a foreign nation because of the language barrier, these kinds of experiences will be avoided by having one language system.Having a unison language will have a resounding impact in the field of science and technology, as people will be able to understand easily and work on any new theory immediately, thus saving time on translation. Thus, having one common language not only helps in communication but also saves money and time.

    Though governments can reap monetary benefits by having a single language, it will undermine the very basic foundation of a culture, which is language. The uniqueness of society will be lost if its language is lost. For example, many regional languages are now dead in India since the government made Hindi a mandatory language in schools. The future generations will not be even knowing such languages existed and thus massive destruction of various cultures will be happening all across the globe. The impact of having one language will be that like naming animals under extinct category we will head towards placing our mother tongues in it.

    Thus, weighing both the advantages and disadvantages of having a common language, I personally feel that one should not put his own language and culture at peril at the behest of monetary benefits.

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