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  • Sakshi Baidya

    July 20, 2021 at 9:40 AM

    The English language has become ubiquitous nowadays and continues its expansion through the world. And it is true that when English becomes a common language we will have a much closer and understanding international community, it would certainly be at the expense of smaller indigenous people and their languages. This essay will examine positive and negative sides of global prevalence of one language.

    It is unquestionable that having one language that all people are able to comprehend, yields numerous benefits from practical point of view. Firstly, everyone will be capable to have a conversation with a foreigner without any language barrier. Secondly, an ample amount of money that spends as remunerations for professional translators, will be save. Also, thinking in one language unites people and their mutual understanding will be increased significantly. Therefore, an international language is beneficial to economical development and generally facilitates communication process.

    On the other hand, electing English as the only spoken language around the world would certainly prove a threat to small cultures around the world, especially indigenous communities. Already one can witness that there are many tribes which are disconnected from the world, and if English were to become the main language, it would push those groups further away. If there is no support provided to market their local language and culture, their heritage would fade away by lack of visits from tourists. For example, many small tribes living in islands of Japan see a lot of visitors who are very curious of their old and rich history.

    In conclusion, with more and more tourists visiting various cultures and places, the logic behind making English as a global language will only get stronger. This might prove effective in removing misunderstandings and communication barriers among the global community. Meanwhile, it is also advisable to not get detached from one’s own mother tongue.

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