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  • Nikita

    July 20, 2021 at 12:02 PM

    Over the years, English has become one of the prominent languages in the world as people believe that it has become an universal language while other languages gradually tend to disappear. But, even though, it has advantages, there are lots of disadvantages too. This essay will examine the main advantages and drawbacks of having a single universal language.

    The main advantages of having a single language rather than multiple local languages are ease of communication among several countries and which can improve inter-country relationship. Due to having sole language spoken all over the world will make communication convenient. Furthermore, trade and business opportunities between two nations can be efficient. People can communicate from one corner of the world to another corner which will surely help in globalization. Moreover, tourists can be benefitted and comforted to explore more without facing difficulties in communicating.

    On the contrary, the main disadvantage would be countries will lose their uniqueness and language diversity. Although it is possible to make English the primary language of a country, it is really difficult for every country to attain the level of fluency as a native speaker, cause the accent differs from one country to another. For instance, Canada, Australia, and the US have English as their primary language. But they differ in their accent. Furthermore, this leads to an extinction of local language and local culture that have been preserved by the ancestors for a long time which in all makes them loose their true value.

    In conclusion, a single universal language is definitely beneficial for every country and improves the relationship among them, but it is certainly harmful for the local language and damages the local culture in future.

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