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  • Alka

    July 20, 2021 at 1:34 PM

    Poverty is a crush for our society. If you really want to feel poverty, then you must meet people who live in slums, talk to them, ask them about their lives, their past and then you will realize how difficult their life has been. I have lived a middle class life and got almost everything which I longed for, although I had to ask my father several times. I believe that only that person can feel the pain who goes through it, not everyone. Indian government has done many efforts to improve their lifestyle, there are several non government institutes like NGOs which claim to help the needy, but reality is something else and the reason for the government’s failure is nothing other than corruption. Actually, poverty and corruption exist together . Both are related to each other up to very extent. If you are poor, then you are ready to do anything to get money and from here only corruption crops up. However, there are many instances where well off people become also corrupted in greed of earning more money.

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