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  • Sakshi

    July 20, 2021 at 1:36 PM

    Destitution is a curse for our society. If you really want to feel poverty then you have to meet people who live in dirty slum area. Talk to those people..ask them regarding their lives. Interrogate those tribe about there past life..
    Then only you realize how difficult life they have been living. I live a medium level life ..also I get almost everything that I want.
    Although I had to tell this to my father many times. I believe the only one can understand pain ..who go through it. Not everyone.
    Government has done many efforts to make their life healthier. There are so many NGO out there claimed that ..they are helping needy however reality is something else.
    Furthermore main reason of dereliction government is nothing but corruption. In fact indigence and dishonesty they both are greatly connected to each other. Suppose if you are needy then you can do anything just to earn some money. And that’s how deceit born.
    Still there are many such examples we can see. Where rich folks corrupt as well due to greed for more money.

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