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  • Jasmeet

    July 20, 2021 at 4:00 PM

    There is no doubt that social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have enormous and adverse effects on both individuals and society. I completely agree that with the advent of these social networking sites there is a huge risk of cyber-crimes and personal information being leaked.

    To begin with, the threat of cyber crimes these days have become a serious issue. A lot of users selling the items through Facebook and Instagram tends to steal the hard-earned money of the people. Also, the personal data is at risk when it is shared on these sites. Hackers copy the information to use them to create separate social accounts. In addition to, people are getting addicted becoming internet worm. The sedentary lifestyle followed by them is the reason for various health related problems such as eye strain and obesity. People waste many hours on their smart phones and computers, gradually effecting their performance at the work.

    Furthermore, the effects of social media can be seen on society also in the way that people end up making hundreds and thousands of friends on the internet, but they do not have time to visit and talk to those who are sitting next to them. They are busy making fake friends and no idea about the real world around them. Consequently, no close and supportive relationships. Our society has a whole is scattering as everyone is busy with online friends whom they never had met face to face or in the near future.

    In conclusion, although Facebook and other sites are beneficial to some extent, I strongly agree that they have had a huge negative impact on individual and society. People should spend more time talking to their close and near ones and utilize their precious time more wisely.

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