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  • sanya

    July 20, 2021 at 4:09 PM

    Poverty is a darn for our society, If you really want to feel poverty then you should meet those people, who live in slums. Talk to them, ask them about their lives, about their past and then see how difficult their lives have been. I have lived a middle class life and got almost everything that I have desired, however many a times I had to ask to my father. I believe that the person who goes through the pain, only feels the pain, not everyone. Indian government has made many efforts for improving their lives. There are many non govt organizations who claim to help people in need but the reality is something else and the main reason for failure of government is nothing else but corruption. In reality poverty and corruption go hand in hand. Both are very much connected to each other. If you are poor, you are ready to do anything for earning money and here is where corruption is born. But still, there are so many examples where rich people are corrupt due to greed for more money.

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