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  • Avi

    July 20, 2021 at 7:26 PM

    Poverty is a curse of our society. If you want to experience poverty in reality ,then you have to meet the people who live in filthy slums. Talk to them, Ask them about their life and their past life, after that you will see their struggle for livelihood. I have lived a middle class life and have almost received all the gadgets which I have wanted however I had to say for this to my father. I believe that, in true sense pain is experienced by the one who goes through it, not everyone. GOI has taken different steps in order to give better life to them, a lot of NGOs are present which claim about the help for needy but reality is not that and the crucial reason for the blunder of govt is nothing but corruption. In fact, poverty and corruption exist together. Both are closely related with each other. If you are poor, then to get money you are ready for anything which give the birth of corruption. Although there are many cases in which wealthy persons are corrupted for the misery of money.

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