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  • Deepa routray

    July 20, 2021 at 8:33 PM

    Poverty is a problem for our society, if you really feel the poverty , then you meet those people who live in that dirty slums area. Speak to them, asked them about their life, and ofcous about their past ,then you realize how defficulties they face in their life . I have lived in a middle class life and i almost get all the things which i want to be in my life. Although i had to ask several time for those thing to my father . I believe that those who realy feel the pain , who goes through it , not everyone understand it . Our indian government has done a lot of thing to give them better life. There are so many nongovernment organisation who claim that they help them but the reality is different and the failure of our overnment’s is non other then this corruption. The reality is that corrception and poverty exist together. Both are connect to each other for long . If you are poor then you are try to do any thing for get money and the corruption is stat. There are so many example where rich people are getting in to this corruption greed of earing more money only.

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