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  • Vaibhav

    July 20, 2021 at 11:10 PM

    Some people advocates to opt for professional jobs with huge paycheques even if they are dull and do not fulfill intellectually, however in my opinion, job satisfaction should be the utmost aspect in terms of priority when it comes to job selection for several reasons.

    Firstly, unless we are content with the work which we do on daily basis, we cannot excel at it, and hence the further money making in long term is not enduring. To achieve success in life, the most essential resource you need is the kindle, which you can only lit up when you are passionate about your profession, and hence it is imperative to keep focus on profession which excites you. As a matter of fact, career mentors, who have researched on this idea for years say people who opted careers they were eager about not only earned satisfaction but also accumulated great wealth in their life.

    Furthermore, investing your precious life in jobs which does not entice you bring along loads of health related concerns. When you work on something which you are not keen about, you tend to get lethargic, stressed, and inactive. As our body, mind and emotions are intertwined, stress creates long term health issues such as joint pain, depression etc. Doctors these days recommend, in order to avoid health problems, individuals should have a charming daily work routine which keeps you active physically as well as psychologically through the day.

    To sum up, extra money which does not help you keep a healthy living is anyways a waste; be cautious while selecting a profession and at any given choice go for a profession which arouses curiosity in you, and consequently, it will make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

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