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  • Jasmeet

    July 21, 2021 at 6:46 PM

    With the increasing popularity of internet, many people are spending most of their time socializing online instead of having face to face interaction these days. In my opinion this is a sign of negative development as it indicates fear of facing the reality and lack of confidence.

    The main negative impact of contacting people online is that confidence level becomes low, and it leads to fear and shyness. People hesitate to interact in real and as a result they keep themselves busy in the virtual world. Due to less communication with those who lives with them and nearby, the personal and social life also gets affected. Secondly, people become prey to the plethora of fake accounts by sharing their personal details on the web which sometimes result into blackmailing and cheating, therefore, living a stressful and depressed life.

    Another aspect of online interaction is leading to various health related problems. Obesity has become a great concern these days in youngsters due to constant and long hours sitting on computers. Other issues which are encountered by people are eye strain and back pain which may affect their performance at work. For instance, number of youngsters are becoming fat due to the lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle.

    In conclusion, socializing through online platform has many consequences such as cheating, blackmailing and depressed life which leads to negative development of a person. Hence, the judicial use of social websites and regular monitoring by parents is necessary for the betterment of individual as well as society.

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