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  • Mansi

    July 21, 2021 at 8:01 PM

    Social networking sites have now become a part of people’s life and have a huge impact on their lifestyles. It is believed by a large number of people that these sites have more of an adverse impact on a person’s life and on society. This essay will argue why the impact of social media on a person or society is more towards the negative end than the positive.

    Social media has provided a platform for people to connect with old friends and also make new ones. They are able to talk with people all around the globe and get to know so many things about them, their life, and also their culture. People are able to share their life through photos and videos to friends and family with ease. These points have popularized the platform but the expectation is far away from the truth.

    However, the bleak world behind the smiley faces on social media are so dark and gloomy. Talking with strangers and learning about new cultures seems perfect but not so much when people get harassed and their personal informations are leaked. Although people are able to share their photos and life they are judged for having scars and acne which is common. The influencers who are thought to be having a successful and amazing life are scorned upon, despised for their color, and are called out for being fat. These sites have made unrealistic beauty a benchmark and in order to reach this plastic surgeries and anorexia are becoming more and more common. People cut themselves off from friends and family instead they spend all their time to reach this benchmark so that they would be loved by everyone. In turn, they forget there is so much to do in life than to please the opinions of someone whom they might never meet in life.

    In conclusion, I strongly agree that the negative impact of social media outweighs the positive in a person’s life and also on society. People should learn to love themselves and spend time with family and friends instead of trying to please others.

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