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  • Jasmeet

    July 22, 2021 at 2:58 PM

    Many people believe that getting a qualification is necessary to get a better placement whereas others think that having work experience and key soft skills are more important in the job. I believe that university education is very essential to get into a good career.

    To begin with, majority of people think that getting better opportunities for a better career entirely depends on the one’s degree. Employers are interviewing people on the basis of different qualifications they possess. The higher the degree, more will be chances of getting selected. For instance, doctor or teachers can be appointed as per the eligibility criteria. For more clarity, a doctor cannot be offered a job without MBBS degree in India.

    On the other hand, some believe that having enough experience and soft skills are more important to get into better profession. Many organizations hire people based on their previous experience which reduces the training cost and time therefore, result into better performance as the work is being accomplished by trained professional. For instance, from a list of candidates who appeared for the interview of a marketing job, employer will go for a person who has got the soft skills and major experience.

    In my opinion, one should complete the university education as communications skills and interpersonal skills are part of their curriculum and one gets to learn these as part of their studies. These skills play a vital role to get a good job.

    In conclusion, better placement opportunity requires a relevant education background. Also the values and knowledge imparted by the institutions will always benefit our career.

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