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  • Nilesh

    July 22, 2021 at 3:59 PM

    Good Health care system, Basic Education and employment are basic needs of each human being unfortunately developing countries unable to provide the same to their citizens. Some scholars thinks that it is entire responsibility of developed countries whereas others not agreeing on this.

    In this essay will try to discuss roles of rich countries for bridging this gap and responsibilities of poorer nations for sustaining this development which they have achieved with support of developed countries.

    All people are born equal, and everyone should have same rights and opportunities regardless of the nationality. The people around the globe should have access to basic educations, paid employment and efficient health care system but sometimes it is very difficult for developed countries to provide the same due to number of reasons such as population, frail economy & lack of opportunities. In this case, advanced countries should essential aid such as financial & practical, to countries that are desperate for economic relief. For example, G7 countries should provide required medicine, vaccinations, foods to the developing countries in the event of pandemic or during any natural calamities.

    Indeed, its moral responsibility of advanced nations for helping underdeveloped countries so that their citizens will get equal opportunities from similar to the residents of wealthier countries.

    Despite of all kind support received from developed countries, mainly financial help to these nations but still they are not utilizing that help wisely as normally it gets accumulated with political leaders and their relatives. For example, as per WHO data, millions of vaccinations and funds released to our country to support during COVID-19 but on ground number of people still waiting for that assistance.

    In my opinion, the most effective solution is to provide financial and economic support to developed countries so that citizens from these countries will receive fundamental needs & this is impossible without support from developed countries.

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