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  • Aiswarya

    July 23, 2021 at 1:39 PM

    There is a huge number growth in obese among the pleople ,this lead to some health issues and as a result some part of the body would strained. Focusing on exercise more during the school ciriculum play a important part in it. Although exercises in daily life, will help to control weight.

    Those people who are having obesity would have been some serious health related issues already like hyper thyroid or there is a higher chance of getting health issues like cholesterol and heartattack in furture. Due to the changes in the day to day life, machine made life easier and people become lazy. Hence, exercise plays a vital role , especially those who are fat.

    Exerciseswhen start from school days and it is a habbit of life reduce the possibility to put weight in future.Reducing the higher calories of food and having low calories food along with exercise help to burn fat in body. I agree to start exercise from the school days.

    Changing in life style leads many people in to overweight and this leads to some serious health problems. The only way to reduce the weight is to have exercise or any physical activities on daily basis from childhood days itself

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