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  • Aishwarya

    July 23, 2021 at 8:09 PM

    Developed nations should lend a helping hand to indigent nations .Some people believe that the former should support the later so as to improve the overall condition of the poorer nations.This essay will argue why developing nations should support the the underpriviledged countries.

    It is expected of affluent countries to help third world countries but it is completely unfair to the taxpayers ,to use their hard earned money for upgrading the health and education system of other countries when they themselves are lagging behind .Moreover ,it is ethically wrong to expect funding from another country because it means Devoiding the citizen of their basic rights . Every developed country does not have enough funds for their own population so how can we expect them to pay for other countries .For example although America is one of the richest countries still American citizens do not have the access to the free medical healthcare ,thus they have to have to buy their personal insurance .In conclusion Rich nations are not morally bound to fund poor nations.

    On the contrary the help provided by priviledged countries could make a great deal of difference ,furthermore it would mean better infrastructure and more job opportunities .As well as it would also play crucial role in eradicating diseases from world,prevent world war three and decrease rate of illiteracy .For instance, Ebola would have not spread if not for adequate funding .Thus,to conclude help from rich nations would be beneficial in all aspects.

    This essay argued that well off nations should support less fortunate nations ,in my opinion it is essential that the former help the latter as this would be of great significance and world will become a better place to live

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