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  • Shyam

    July 25, 2021 at 3:40 PM

    As today era is of technology, many children are fascinating more toward to console devices like desktop computer, laptop, tablet and many others to enhance their analytical, imagination and critical thinking skills, whereas it is nullified by many educational institutes. As long hours usage of these portable devices at early age will have negative impact on their mind. This essay will discuss merits and demerits of such device with example on young generation mind.

    Nowadays, students are addicted to electronic gadgets as it is used to run their online classes. While schools are appealing to run on computers and they are spending many hours, in addition students are learning coding in extra time as well, furthermore many of them have designed apps using AutoCAD, open sources software, and those students were bestowed by institutes. Although technologies are replacing human works in all the industries with dramatically changes. A student, who has knowledge of portable device has preference over the others. It has been observed that they have strong grasping power and are a quick learner, which makes them to learn and adapt to the changes swiftly. Many students are seeing themselves as future technical personalities like Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Rob Warmolds and Jeff Bezos, who started computer in childhood and developed own platform, which is now accepted by all over the world to run their venture, these celebrities are setting an example for new comers. With early age device learning, they are becoming smart and, moreover, they are intelligent.

    On the other hand, overuse of such technological instruments and spending countless hours particularly for students may bring numerous problems such as neck pain, migraine, body’s posture, strain to brain and eyes as they emit radiations. It is observed that students who are spending more hours on screen are less social and having behavioral changes as well. Many parents don’t want their children to attend classes on screen. However, schools are closed for offline, as it’s uses are impacting their concentration and study even communication skills as well. Especially, they are giving priority to online classes, rather than walking to institutes, with this they are not exposed to outer world.

    In conclusion, comparing all above states, it is necessary to learn computer in early age to survive in the competitive society, but it should not overuse, as it tends many problems physically, mentally and socially.

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