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  • Alluring

    July 25, 2021 at 4:32 PM

    I believe, hardwork and smart work are two different things,two different ways to complete a single task. It is like both side of a single coin. In hardwork we only give our a lot of time to a single work. But in smart work we efficiently manage the task as well as the time to do multiple things. In hardwork our approach is conventional, but in smart work we use our creativity to do that work in a different way. In hard work a simpler process is followed. We use direct approach to do certain amount of work. But in smart work we devide the work in certain ways like :-planning, organizing, delegating,through which we can achieve our target in lesser time. In hardwork our main objective is to achieve a goal but in smart work we can achieve the goal and learn new things .That will give us a accomplishment feelings.So I prefer smart work over hard work.because through smart work I’m achieving my goals as well as becoming a creative person. So I chose this.

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