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    July 25, 2021 at 7:18 PM

    In today’s world, most of the people around the world lead a competitive life as to do best in everything.I completely agree that children should be encouraged in feeling of competition and cooperation.

    First of all, I believe that if their is competition among children,they want to work harder in school so that they can score better marks in examination than their classmates. Due to completion among children, they will highly to perform well in school as compared to others.For example,in quiz competition the children will try harder to solve or answer the questions so that they can be praised. That’s why it’s more important to have competition among children, so they can achieve better knowledge.

    Secondly,it is believed that children who know how to cooperate with others will attain success.In school , if the teachers teach them about the cooperation and team work the children will learn how to respect others opinions. It helps them to develop sharing more ideas . Hence, any mistakes can be avoided among the children which can achieve their dreams or goals in both studies and work.

    To conclude, I strongly believe that children should have the feeling of competition and cooperation to be successful in life .

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