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  • hardeep

    July 25, 2021 at 7:43 PM

    People always argue between building a sense of competition in children and encouraging them to become more cooperative (helpful). This essay will evaluate pros and cons of both and come up with a decisive conclusion.

    In my opinion, children must be motivated to be cooperative rather than being competitive because helping others will ensure that others will also help them whenever required whereas being competitive will isolate them and others will not come forward for support. I am sure that everyone must have realized this in school, when we used share our study notes or sports equipment with other children they also used to do the same with us other the other hand if we refused to share even then they responded in similar manner by not sharing. The relief after getting much needed help is unmatchable and it makes us extremely happy.

    Additionally, Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to belong to economically rich family as many are still deprived of basic necessities like food, cloths, shelter, basic education, etc so by cooperating we can be helpful to others on the other hand by becoming competitive will be are becoming more selfish and greedy. We all must have heard about people who teach under privileged children for free, this act comes from being cooperating rather than being competitive because competitive people don’t do efforts to make others better.

    In conclusion, l would say that children should be to become cooperative rather than competitive because being cooperative makes us happy, a better human being and ensures getting help is difficult times whereas being competitive isolates us and makes us selfish and greedy.

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