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  • Ayesha

    July 25, 2021 at 7:56 PM

    Many people believe that competitiveness must be inculcated in kids, on the contrary some reckon on teaching to become cooperative. This being a very sensitive topic, needs to be meticulously taken into consideration as both these dimensions of behavior of kids are essential to be learnt. This essay will have the importance of Competition and Cooperation, in children, explained.

    To begin with, there are many situation in everybody’s life where they need to behave appropriately. Living in this world of cut-throat competition for success and accomplishments, kids ought to be encouraged for being competitive. For a good future in many industries and professions one thing which is constant is competition. In order to prepare children for the same, a sense of being better than the others needs to exist in their minds. Teaching this is very beneficial. For example, a boy takes part in a race with the primary aspiration to win. If he doesn’t feel encouraged enough to defeat the other participants he won’t win therefore will be disheartened. So encouraging kids is required at such points of time.

    Coming to the point of Cooperation, without which living a successful and delightful live is difficult, also needs to be taught from the beginning. Cooperation a vital part of a good behavior leading one to many possibilities that cannot be otherwise accomplished. For instance, in a match of basketball, there a team of children playing against another team. If there is no cooperation within the members of one team how are they going to win the match. They need to accept and understand each other’s weakness and strength to integrate for victory hence this needs to be taught to some kids.

    To summarize, the feeling of competition is necessary for certain situations to be successful. Nonetheless being cooperative is imperative for so many times in life taking under consideration family, teamwork, sports or anywhere that requires more people working together on one goal. Thus both these fundamental aspects needs to be taught to children.

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