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  • rahul

    July 25, 2021 at 7:58 PM

    It is a debatable topic nowadays to inculcate competitive behavior in kids or to nourish them with cooperative manners. I completely agree that building competitive behavior at an early age is a must in this fast-paced world. This essay will discuss the same viewpoint and provide a logical conclusion to it.

    as we know , kid’s brains are more susceptible to grasp new things and behavior than adults. So infusing competitiveness in their behavior becomes effortless, which creates a challenging brain that works in a more optimized manner hence they become much thoughtful when doing any task.for example, in recent studies, it was found that most of the successful people were those who had a childhood where they used to question the ongoing process and find different ways to approach a problem. The same behavior develops when a child has been put in a competitive situation where it challenges its own method to develop better solutions.

    Secondly, in recent times, the population is booming at its peak where every child is a prodigy in itself. So every parent wants their kids to learn from the other excellent performing mates and be at the same pace as them however they need to be watchful that they don’t pressurize the kids with too much expectation.For example, a recent survey has shown that kids in competitive schools are faster to react to a stressful situation than those grown in cooperative childhood.

    In conclusion, adding competitive behavior in a child is a plus. It reflects in their social skills to learn from others and develops mental strength to fight a challenging situation. At the same time, parents have to keep their expectations low so kids don’t feel pressured.

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