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  • shakshi

    July 25, 2021 at 8:19 PM

    In this competitive world, everyone has put their toes on work to achieve something great in life. Some believe, encouraging the competition among children will develop them overall. While other believe, leaning and working together which enhancing their capability and social skill. In my opinion, competitive is vital part of our life to attain our goal and would be beneficial if started at the initial age.

    Firstly, children should educate competition as it will helps them to fight battle in life or career. Healthy Competition would develop their thoughts and motivates them to bring out best from their performance. For instance, Football player “Cristiano Ronaldo” who started his journey from small town in the Europe and achieved success just by facing competition and leaning from his mistake. Competition mindset will bring self-dependent in individuals and established an innovative mind over the period.

    Furthermore, there are few disadvantages of an active competition. Young children undergo stress and anxiety at early stage because of immense education pressure, due to which they become non socialize and introvert human being. For example, selection in the prestigious colleges have overburden the children for sustainable life in future, however, this myth and parental pressure has affected children’s life and health.

    In the conclusion, I would say competition is good as it helps you to face the world. Moreover, every child has different approach and objective in life. Competition should be inbuilt in children but in a creating way, so that they can love and enjoy the path.

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