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  • Harsh

    July 26, 2021 at 2:04 AM

    Poverty is a curse for our society. If you really want to feel poverty, then you should meet the people living in slums. You will get to know about their hardship when you get to know about their life and more importantly, their past. I have lived a mediocre life, got everything I wished for. Though for this I had to ask my father many a time. According to me, only the one who has gone through any pain can feel it. Our government has been trying to improve their quality of life for long. Even there are many NGO who claim to be quite promising but it is not what it looks like. The sole reason of failure of government policies is corruption. In reality, corruption and poverty are two faces of the same coin. Being poor makes you follow any path to be rich and this is how corruption evolves. Although there are other examples also where the rich gets involved in the corruption.

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