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  • Rakesh Kumar Singh

    July 26, 2021 at 7:25 AM

    Poverty is an anathema for our society, really, if you want to feel Poverty then you should meet those people are staying in slum area. Speck them, ask them about their lives, ask about their past lives, and then you realize Struggle in their lives. I lived a mediocre life and found almost everything that I wanted, Although I had to tell my father several times. I believe that pain is what it really feels like, those are gone throw not all of them. Indian The government made a lot of good effort for their life improvement. There are many non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Who claim to help the needy. But the reality is something else, and the main reason for the failure of the government is nothing but corruption.In fact, poverty and corruption go hand in hand. Both are closely related to each other. If you are poor, you are ready to do anything to get money, and this is where corruption is born But still, there are many such instances where even the rich are corrupt in the greed of more money.

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