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  • Ankit

    July 26, 2021 at 1:36 PM

    Poverty is a curse to our society, if you want to feel poverty in real, then you have to meet those people who lives in slums. Talk to them, ask them about their life, about there past and you will see how difficult their life is. I belongs from an middle class background, But i got all those things which I wished for, even though I had to asked my father multiple times for those things.

    I personally believe that, the real pain can only be felt by the person who gone through it, but not anybody else. Indian government had tried to make their life good, their are lot of non government organization (NGO) who claims to help the needy people’s, but the reality is something else, And moreover the real cause for the non satisfactory results of government is corruption.

    In real life poverty and Corruption moves hand in hand. Both of them are connected in lots of manner. If you are poor then to earn money you will do anything possible and there it self corruption gets in. Moreover, there are lots of examples where rich people in need of more money does corruption and become corrupted.

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